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Lineage II Interlude Сlient (3.00 GB)
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Patch for game on the server:

Attention! Swinging a patch from our links - the probability will catch a virus is equal 0!
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Classic Patch, colored chat + cool interface [5.0] (80 MB) New patch at at 16.02.2016
Mirror 1
Patch [5.0] (80 MB) New patch at 16.02.2016
Mirror 1

We don't give any instructions on installation of a patch or game, these files are laid out only for ourselves and only in the fact-finding purposes.

Attention! it is possible b that your antivirus, generally is Nod or Avast, won't want to pass one of files, having distinguished in it the virus Themida. We report that Themida is not a virus and threat for your personal computer doesn't pose. The antivirus can't read contents, and defines as the dangerous file. Without this file you won't be able to enter game therefore you need to pass it. Attention! On the server protection against boats and third-party programs is established. Before start, in order to avoid the autobahn - don't start boats and chit others programs. Even if these programs are started on the computer and you use them on other server, there will be a ban!
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